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May your holidays be filled with joy and your new year with marvelous reinventions!

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Some thoughts on industry-academia collaboration

It is interesting to think about the relationship, the one that involve industry-academia, and the potential economic growth deriving from such collaboration.


Those of us who have been involved in industry-academia secondments as part of the Reinvent project offer some thoughts on industry-academia collaboration in this report: Some thoughts on industry-academia collaboration.

Please take a look and please talk back!

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Motivations and business model innovation


By Kjartan Sigurdsson, writing from Horsens, Denmark.

Motivation is important to every organization in order to stay innovative and open-minded. However, motivation has many different manifestations and can appear as a negative attitude toward changes, i.e. changes are not seen as having the potential to result in competitive advantage. Alternatively, motivation can include high optimism and belief that changes will always lead to success.

But why is motivation so important? There is no doubt that motivation can work as an element or a driver for change. And, it can urge business leaders to move the business forward by spotting hidden opportunities and finding new solutions. However, neither a negative attitude toward changes or being too optimistic is the best key to success. Instead a well-defined business model, one that may result from business model innovation, is the key success factor.

Cowardice vs. bravery

One might think that a negative attitude…

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