Implications for industry

The Reinvent researchers have been busy for the last 4 years and this report provides a glimpse of the research and some implications for industry: reinvent-industry-report-iv

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A CSR strategy can change a company’s identity

It is interesting to think about whether CSR reporting is more reliable if it is made transparent on a company´s website, as a section in a annual report or communicated through any type of social media. Please tell my your opinion.


By Kjartan Sigurdsson, writing from Stormsalen in Horsens, Denmark

It is interesting to examine how organisations develop and implement a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, especially if CSR is regarded as a value proposition at the core of the business model and executed to grow the business in a sustainable way.

There are some basic elements that may affect sustainability strategies in companies. One initiative is a CSR strategy, a strategy that is widely used when organisations want to find a way to label, for example, their concern for the environment, how they treat their employees and society as a whole. This interest in finding ways to label their social responsibility may include issuing social reports as part of the annual report, providing information on the company website or through different kinds of media and social media.

One of the important expected benefits to be gained from CSR is the…

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Music in the workplace?

It is worthy for managers and employees to think about the pros and cons of playing music in the workplace. In some cases nobody talks about it but feels annoyed over the disturbing sound in the background, and in some cases people feel the awkward silence difficult to deal with. In both cases managers and employees must talk about these things and find the best solution. Communication matter and makes people happier and stronger as a team.


By Kjartan Sigurdsson, writing from Horsens Denmark.

I just had an interesting conversation about silence in the workplace I recently joined. I have worked in various companies where the radio is left on all day or there is background music playing. The feeling in these places was that the music just filled the air and didn’t interrupt anyone. I have also worked in companies where there is total silence and you can literally hear a needle drop.

Which is better? Which leads to better productivity? Which leads to a more positive work atmosphere? These are interesting questions worth asking.

There are different views, and at times very strong views, about music in the workplace. Some people like having the radio pounding in their ears all day long and some people prefer soft unobtrusive background music that could not possibly offend anyone. At the same time there are people who prefer…

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